Skills versatility – The new normal for IT.

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Organisations are continuing to evolve their remote working solutions and support new work models, but this sudden shift in employees working from home has introduced a new set of challenges related to IT operations. On top of this, executives are now realising the positive effects of promoting modern workplace initiatives as a solution moving forwards, so as technology demands continue to increase, the subsequent rate of change will also increase. 

This is placing the IT team at the forefront of business enablement, so we need to consider what problem we have most within our delivery model in meeting the demands of a modern digital organisation. These new customer demands must bridge the gap between IT and business to support business functions, requiring significant changes in the way we deliver and manage the end user environment. 

IT teams must now focus on skills versatility, including technical breadth and business competencies so that the modern service delivery team can help to shape customer demands, to create and develop digital solutions.  As Intelligere continues to work in partnership with our customers, our breadth of knowledge can help you shape technology selection and service delivery models, with insights on how to solve challenges and ensure they will stand up to the continued pressure from an external workforce. 

“The pace of change has never been this fast” – Our White paper

Quoted by the Canadian Prime-Minister Justin Trudeau, this paradox demonstrates how we strive to manage the increased velocity of change that seems to be the norm in the modern era of technology. 

This white paper details how IT operations must modernise their approach to help CIO’s balance the demands for business innovation and digital modernisation with managing the accelerating pace of change in day to day operations. 

Remote User Support

A solution that offers short-term interim contracts, enabling customers to select the coverage that suits their needs best, whilst IT staff are re-prioritised on business enabling activities, or an overflow service to an existing IT help desk to ensure user calls are answered promptly. 

Work from Home Kit

Helping you remain operational and productive during times when the primary work location may become compromised, or require closure. Intelligere is offering the IGEL work-from-home (WfH) kit. 

Login VSI named as a Technology Innovator by the Digital Enterprise Journal!

As the sole UK consulting partner, Intelligere works closely with the development team at Login VSI who are to be named as a 2020 technology innovator by the Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ). 

The DEJ brings together the most advanced concepts from analyst research and media industries with publications driven by survey research across major B2B technologies. Find out more on their website here!

As the market continues to redefine business requirements for End User Solutions, Intelligere are continually reviewing solutions across their market. We put user experience at the heart of what we do, from visualisation to execution, we never lose sight of the end goal: A stable, reliable environment for your end users. 

Why work harder than you need to? Get in touch today to discover how we can support you to deliver a truly exceptional end user experience. 

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