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Working from home

Unprecedented. As businesses continue to embrace remote working enforced by recent events, could these work practices now become a permanent fixture post pandemic?

Businesses have quickly enabled remote working solutions which have resulted in negative impacts on their networks and infrastructure, however some have managed to succeed in getting their critical services running. 

Will organisations look to embrace the change in working practices and find that their employees are able to work from home as a longer-term solution.Therefore, will decisions for investment now consider strategic initiatives to enabling and supporting this potential change in work practice?

Remote working initiatives are not new, dating back to 2005 when the Office of the Deputy Prime-Minister invested in proof of concepts to demonstrate the benefits and efficiency savings arising from mobile working. There were some technology barriers brought about by issues around manageability, user experience and information security. 

IT teams must now consider these values in meeting working from home objectives, but also reviewing the longer term benefits to the business, should a predicted change in working style take effect.

Intelligere is working with it’s partners to meet these demands, including solutions to provide new solutions for user support, optimising environments for remote working and managing new requirements for change management, and naturally alongside this new solutions for secure endpoint management and data security. 

Remote User Support

A solution that offers short term interim contracts, enabling customers to select the coverage that suits your needs best whilst IT staff are re-prioritised on business enabling activities or an overflow service to an existing IT help desk to ensure user calls are answered promptly. 

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Supporting the new “work from home” model.

Your on-premises infrastructure for your on-site workforce is fine, but do you have the proper remote infrastructure to suddenly support a large number of concurrent connections through your remote gateways and networking?

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IGEL UD Pocket – A secure workspace for home working. 

How the UD Pocket enables and eases the consumption of virtualised desktops, deployed onto any x86 device to create a secure workspace.

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VDI Performance Summit

The exclusive focus of this virtual event will be the performance and tuning of virtual desktop environments. You’ll get the opportunity to talk to thought leaders in the industry and connect with peers in the EUC community.

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As the market continues to redefine business requirements for End User solutions, Intelligere will be continually reviewing solutions across the market. We put user experience at the heart of what we do, from visualisation to execution, we never lose sight of the end goal: A stable, reliable environment for your End-Users. 

Why work harder than you need to? Get in touch today to discover how we can support you to deliver a truly exception end user experience. 

Martin Powell – CTO of Intelligere Ltd

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