COVID-19: A message from our CTO.

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to affect the UK, there is now a real chance that office facilities become unavailable due to restrictions on movement, as well as preventing spread across the workforce. As the UK Government has moved into the initial stages of the Delay Phase, businesses must now plan for reduction in staff travel and home working, as well as prepare for further lockdowns that may occur in the coming weeks.

This will require a change to the users working environment, which is already putting additional pressure on Service Teams – who are looking at immediate solutions to maintain or upgrade systems that would usually be done over a period of weeks or months, just to be able to scale to meet these new demands.

Intelligere have been working with long standing partners, including Citrix, Login VSI and IGEL. These partners are constantly reviewing solutions against the current market news as well as hosting webinars discussing these solutions, and how they can assist your business during the Corona Virus outbreak.

IGEL UD Pocket – A secure workspace for home working. 

IGEL’s CMO, Simon Townsend discusses how the UD Pocket enables and eases the consumption of virtualised desktops, deployed onto any x86 device to create a secure workspace. 

Find the Webinar here

Login Enterprise, from Login VSI – Performance and availability testing.

This webinar highlights some of the latest questions that we have received, especially regarding how to quickly enable a majority of your workforce to work remotely.

Find the Webinar here

Citrix – Extending business continuity offers to ensure customer safety and success.

Customers have been asking us to help them make business continuity planning easier, with options to expand user coverage rapidly. As such, Citrix are launching new offerings that will allow customers to speed the adoption of remote working, and fuel business continuity even during these trying times. 

Find the webinar here

As the market continues to redefine business requirements for End User solutions, Intelligere will be continually reviewing solutions across the market. We put user experience at the heart of what we do, from visualisation to execution, we never lose sight of the end goal: A stable, reliable environment for your End-Users. 

Why work harder than you need to? Get in touch today to discover how we can support you to deliver a truly exception end user experience.

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