Who are Intelligere?

Given the current global situation with COVID-19, it is now more important than ever to ensure that your workforce are able to remain productive from any location. By leveraging our partnerships and internal skill sets, we can ensure that you have a fully load tested, proactively monitored environment that can be remotely accessed from anywhere. Get in touch today to find out how we can revolutionise your workplace.

Creating productive End-User Environments

We take End-User environments and desktop virtualisation seriously. Slow, unreliable performance and sporadic up-time costs your company money.

We put user experience at the heart of what we do, from visualisation to execution, we never lose sight of the end goal: A stable, reliable environment for your End-Users. 

As an End User computing specialist, we pride ourselves on being able to provide a quantifiably superior End-User experience. Since starting, we have traded with over 25% of FTSE 100 companies.

With over two decades of experience, and a team of dedicated account managers, solution architects and a support team to keep you running, we’re the number one choice for the UK industry when it comes to End-User Computing.

Typical Engagements

Server engineers doing network upgrades
New platform versions, Capacity Increases, New worker inclusion, New business application inclusion, Performance improvements
Business desktop
Renovation of ageing environments, Growth, mergers and acquisitions, New platform management, Cloud migration
female support phone operator
Experience Level Agreements (XLA), Proactive environment monitoring, SaaS applications, Cloud delivery
Discussing tasks
2nd and 3rd line support, Managed services, Cost savings, 24-7 year round support, Opportunity to re-purpose your internal staff

The four pillars of Intelligere


Our solutions process ensures that the core components of your journey incorporate the organisational direction, user experience, technology, investments, people and process change. When we fully understand these elements, we can assist you in making the right decisions, with stakeholder expectations correctly managed, and a solid roadmap for the future created.


It can be difficult to recognise and plug all the gaps that exist between a current environment and the ideal one. Our solutions team can create and deploy an end user computing solution that provides you with the flexibility your end-users demand. This can also help you keep pace with the ever-evolving threat landscape, giving you peace of mind that your business is fully protected.


Intelligere’s Services teams focus on building partnerships to simplify IT operations, minimise business disruptions and guarantee the user services that support your business by making our expertise and experience available to your team in an effort to improve IT service delivery to your organisation.


If you’re thinking about upgrading your workplace equipment, Intelligere can offer hardware, software and associated products to combine with your services to help design and fulfil all your IT procurement needs. 

Example Use Cases

Change Management


Change in your End-User environment creates a single point of failure, leading to prolonged downtime and unexpected performance problems. With our solutions, we can help you assess the impact that any change – planned or otherwise will have on your environment.

Application Peformance


End-User experience is at the heart of all we do. With our solutions, we can safeguard the performance of business critical applications through proactive monitoring. Business critical means critical. Why leave it to chance?

Remote User Testing


Users are not always located on your premises – and this can bring a great deal of complexity into your environment.
External factors out of your control can have a massive impact on the End-User environment. We can help you to minimise this impact.

Building a new VDI


As an End-User Computing specialist, we can help you with any aspect of building a new VDI, from scoping and architecture through to load testing and ongoing managed services. Our proactive monitoring tools can ensure a reliable experience for all users.

Security Patch Testing


Security patches are critical to protect your business from attack, but these can often have a serious impact on performance.Our range of solutions can manage this and give real feedback on what security patches can do to your environment.

Windows 10 Management


With the new Greenfield OS from Microsoft, updates are more regular and vary in their size and impact.
Why chance an update? Our range of solutions can prove the impact an environmental change will have on your End-Users.

Disaster Recovery Planning


Disaster Recovery is a key part of keeping your business running – but can your DR environment cope at capacity? Our solutions can help you to proactively test your DR environment so it’s ready should you need it.

SLA Verification


Are you paying for a service that you’re not sure you are receiving? With our range of solutions we can help you to prove or disprove your SLA’s with other suppliers, espcially with DaaS and SaaS!

Cloud Migration


Are you moving from on prem to cloud server solutions? We can assist you with every aspect of cloud migration. From sourcing a sustainable provider to load testing your cloud environment, we have the tools to get you in the cloud.